I hear it so often from my clients, my colleagues, almost everyone. “I wish I had more time!”

Here’s my question: Let’s suppose I could give you more time. What would you do with it?

I’ve posed this question to many clients in workshops and presentations I’ve given. Specifically, I say “If I gave you a 2-HOUR bill, what would you DO with it?” And you know what often happens? Silence! Blank faces. People truly have no idea what they’d do with two extra hours (let alone 10 or more!).

When I press them, they often say they’d do more chores  – fold the clean laundry that waits on the sofa, fix the broken _____ (fill in the blank), wash the cat. And, while I believe they would like to get more of the never-ending chore list done, I don’t think that’s REALLY what they mean when they wistfully envision having more time.

I think what they really mean – and what they truly want – is to spend the time they have (yes, “the same 24 hours we ALL have!”) in a way that is more meaningful, more aligned with their values and who they are, and reflects their priorities.

The problem isn’t really the AMOUNT of time we have, it’s what we DO with that time. What we CHOOSE to do with it. Because, ultimately, it IS a choice.

This applies in our business (or career) as well as in our personal life.

And, friend, this applies as much to me as it does to you. I am just as susceptible to the lure of the ubiquitous time-sucking “rabbit holes” as anyone else – Facebook, YouTube videos that keep ‘suggesting’ others to keep you ensnared, internet searches that beget more searches, etc. And, make no mistake, these ‘tools’ are designed to keep your attention. Which is why we have to be even more determined, disciplined and judicious in how we spend our time and where we give our attention.

And the same applies when we’re not at work. Some of the same temptations can pilfer our precious personal time. And, as if to add insult to injury, much of the media that is called “social”, in fact, reduces our social interactions and connections…AND gives us a distorted view of how “real people” live on a daily basis. We see a best-case-scenario, sanitized, glamorized version of people’s lives (the modern version of their “Sunday best”) and mistake it for every-day reality.

Then, we spend our priceless time trying to keep up with – or surpass – those images. You know, “keeping up with the Jones’s.”

What if there was another option? Which, of course, there always is.

What if you chose to take a step back, take an honest, hard look at what YOU care about – NOT what others care about, or what others say you “should” care about – and made THAT your priority instead?

If you pared away the actions (and things) that really DON’T have significant meaning for you, and invested your time in that which brings you more meaning, enhances your core relationships, draws you closer to your heart’s desires, how different might your life be? How light and buoyant would you feel? How would you ‘show up’ differently, at work and in your personal life?


MY INVITATION TO YOU: If this intrigues you, and you’re ready to explore how YOU can HAVE MORE TIME – for what REALLY matters to you – I’d love to talk with you! You can email me here for a COMPLEMENTARY “Work-Life Integration and Prosperity Call” and let’s see how we can help you find more time for what is most meaningful for you – in your work and personal life!

And, friend, do it now…because there’s no time to waste!