So, I’m getting ready to start my work day yesterday and I
look out the window at the trees in my back yard. And I think: how reliable
these trees are! They are so consistent and steadfast, and we can always count
on them to do what they do. Every year, around this time, their leaves come out
– “regular as rain”! They go through their growth phase, turn their beautiful
shades of red, green, yellow, and orange in the fall, then die off and fall to
the ground. The trees remain with us as sentinels throughout the Winter months,
then new leaves greet us in the Spring once again.

I marvel at how the trees know their ‘work’ and they ‘just
do it’! They don’t swing in the wind and say “Gee, I don’t know if I should
sprout my leaves….” They do what they do – reliably and consistently.

So, how does this apply to us and the work we do? What if
we could simply know what our work is, and then just do it? I shared this
question with a wise friend and wellness colleague and she reminded me that we
DO know what our work is, we just need to remember it! So true!

So, what is your ‘work’ – your purpose? What is the
contribution you are here to make? Do rierslot you know? Do you ‘remember’?

My friend and I talked about how simple life really is,
but that we humans tend to complicate it. Coming back to the tree analogy, we
bury our essence in the dead and composting leaves of seasons gone by. If we
were to clear away that debris and let it nourish us without smothering us,
what would be left? Our essence!

So, what I’m reminded of is that my work is to help people
like you – as an individual or part of an organization – to define your best
life. What exactly is “whole-life wellness” for YOU, and how can you create
that for yourself. By helping you create that for yourself, I am making my
contribution to people’s ongoing struggle for “work-life balance”!

I encourage you to pull back the ‘debris’ from your own
essence and see what remains. Simplify and ask yourself: What is my work? How
can I serve?

And I’d love to hear what you discover! If you’re having a
challenge excavating your essence, maybe I can help. Contact me for a free
consult and let’s see what we can discover together.