It’s hard to believe that one week from today is Christmas Eve!! How are you doing in your preparations for the Holidays? Is everything “cooking along nicely” or are you sprinting from activity to activity trying to get everything ready?

One thing I know for sure: Christmas will come regardless of what we do and don’t have done! The universe doesn’t wait until we have everything perfect before allowing the Holidays to be upon us. Unlike in Who-ville, there is nothing that will stop the Holidays from coming. So…take a breath (in fact, I recommend breathing deeply and regularly!) and reevaluate all that you’re trying to do in advance of the “big day”.

And now, a question for you: what is your biggest Wellness Challenge during the Holiday Season? If you consider your “whole-life” wellness – looking at your Physical (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity), Emotional, Relational (Family & Friends), Spiritual, Financial and Professional  Wellness– what is the most difficult piece for you to keep in balance this time of year? I would invite you to develop one or two simple strategies to address your top challenge to aid you in maintaining greater wellness over the Holidays.

Let’s say you said physical activity is your biggest challenge. Then perhaps you could set a modest goal of exercising – walking, doing crunches, chasing Le casino offre un eventail d'options de jeux comme le Blackjack, Baccarat, Pontoon, Craps, jeux la roulette , Sic Bo, Poker, Casino War, chien de couleur rouge, Pai Gow, Keno, jeux d'arcade ainsi que d'autres jeux de casino populaires. the dog, whatever works for you – for just 10 or 15 minutes a day over the next week or two. Does that sound possible for you?

Or, if you’re like many of us, maybe your biggest challenge is eating well with all the added temptations available at this time of year. If that sounds like you, why not try to just plan ahead so that you first ensure you meet your basic nutritional requirements (getting adequate “real food” from the various food groups) and then enjoy the “goodies” of the season in a mindful way – be intentional with the things you choose to consume (and keep an eye on the quantities) and focus on what I call “worthy calories” – those things you really love! I like to bypass those less worthy and save my indulgences for the treats that are decadent to me. Then, for those you do choose, Enjoy Them Thoroughly!! That, too, is part of Wellness!

I would love to hear what your biggest challenges are and what strategies you’ve come up with to face those challenges. Please simply reply to this post to share your challenges and successes, or send me an e-mail. I’d love to hear from you!

Enjoy the Abundance of the Holidays, and Get Set for a Fabulous New Year!!