Earlier this week, I wrote a post about creating more SIMPLICITY in our work and lives (among other things). You can check it out here.

Today, I’d like to offer a suggestion on how you may simplify your work and life, and one way I am as well. It’s one way to “turn down the noise.”

Statistics tell us that many of us will hop on our phones or other devices on Friday evening or over the weekend and either scroll through the pages of content of our connections or try to catch up on missed emails, instant messages, etc. I get it! It seems the stream of ‘communications’ is endless and we’re always trying to catch up.

Please note: I love to hear from my community – including valued colleagues, thought leaders, friends, family and, of course, my coaching clients. However, there is much more in my inbox, and I expect the same is true for you.

My invitation to you: Instead of merely scrolling through and trying to catch up, why not do something different this weekend? Why not take the opportunity to cull your various ‘in boxes’ – whether in email, instant messages, Facebook notifications, etc.?

I am on the same path as you.

As an insatiable learner, I am ‘interested’ in so many things, and so many people – and I like to see how others in my industry are growing their businesses. (Important side note: I have chosen not to follow the approach of many of them because I find much of it is inauthentic, lacking in integrity, and often downright manipulative! More on this important topic in posts to come.) As a result, over time, I have subscribed to many email lists, Facebook groups, LinkedIn discussion groups, etc. Too many!

Does that sound like you too?

If so, instead of striving to achieve ‘in box zero’ (which is virtually impossible since, as you’re emptying it, many other messages are flooding in), I invite you to address it at the source. Look at each message – particularly those where you’re on a ‘list’ – and decide if it is truly bringing you value. No, significant value! If it is, great. Process it, file it, whatever makes sense for you.

If it is not bringing you significant value (more than just being ‘interesting’), ask yourself: why am I accepting this into my inbox? Each message takes your time, attention, and mental and physical energy. And it compounds the more times you handle it. I invite you to apply the Marie Kondo method for getting rid of ‘stuff’ – look at each piece in turn and ask “does this bring me joy?”. (Or, “does this bring me true value? Is it truly worth my life energy to receive and process this?“)

If the answer is NO, get rid of it! Don’t just delete the message. If it’s part of an email blast, consider unsubscribing from that list.

Yes, the irony is not lost on me that some of you may choose to unsubscribe from my messages. While I would hate to see you go, if it doesn’t serve you, it may be the right decision for you.

Note, however, that the ‘vibe’ of this week’s posts is more like what you can expect from me in the future – sharing perspectives, insights and resources about how you can go from settling to really living and working on your own terms, go from ‘good enough’ (ugh, I hate that term!!) to ‘this is amazing!’, from waiting for the weekend to loving every day of the week! Some of it may be controversial, some will challenge ‘the system’ – and that’s okay. You can agree, disagree, or we may meet in the middle. In any case, we’re challenging ourselves, our beliefs and perspectives – and that’s always a good thing.

Likewise, if you have an email list (or Facebook group, etc.) that I’m part of, please do not be offended if you see me leave. It is not personal, it does not mean that I don’t like you or even that your material is not relevant to me. It just means it’s not the best use of my time, energy and focus at this time in my life, with my current priorities.

It’s one way I’m walking the talk of simplifying my own life, and “turning down the noise”.

Live abundantly,


P.S. If you choose to accept my invitation, I’d love to hear how it helps. How is it to clear out the clutter? What benefits are you receiving – or expecting to receive – as a result? How will you use your new-found time and energy? Leave a comment or email me.

And, of course, if I can be of assistance in bringing more meaning, impact and joy to your work and life, please request one of my complimentary consultations.

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