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“Own your business; don’t let your business own YOU!”


You work hard. And you’ve got the blood, sweat and tears to prove it! You want to own your business; but you do NOT want your business to own you.

You understand that entrepreneurship takes a certain level of grit, persistence and perseverance. However, you’ve also come to realize that, even if you are a solopreneur, you do NOT have to do it alone. HALLELUJAH!

Being in business FOR yourself does not mean being in business BY yourself!

But maybe you’re not ready to bring on full-time team members, or don’t need a dedicated resource to help you move forward. Maybe all you need is a periodic, third-party sounding board/advisor/unbiased  ”voice-of-reason” to bounce ideas off of in order to sort out your next best move. And to hold you accountable to your goals. Because you and I know these goals are important to you – but also that “life happens” and, sometimes, we can let ourselves off the hook if we aren’t accountable to someone else.

And you’ve learned that separating work and life is “a fool’s errand” – it’s not possible. So your best chances of success are to have a resource who helps you achieve “work-life integration” (NOT balance) and holds your agenda in the various areas of your life – so they move in the same direction, not pulling you in opposite directions.

I would love to provide that support to you. Contact me today to schedule a complimentary Strategy Call to explore how I can help you succeed in your business AND prosper in your life!

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