Today is an important day – it’s “Bell Let’s Talk Day” (#BellLetsTalk)! It is vital because it helps end the stigma associated with mental illness and gets people talking about how to improve mental health – for themselves and those around them. (FYI, the stats say 1 in 5 deal with mental illness at some point in their life, but 100% of us have mental health to a greater or lesser degree. The question is HOW HEALTHY are we?)

Mental health also had a significant impact on my business. Specifically, it was depression that led me to pivot in a new direction.

Allow me to explain.

When I started my business over 6 years ago, I was a Wellness Coach, Consultant and Speaker. My approach was “whole person” focussed, incorporating 6 main dimensions of wellness: Physical, Emotional, Relational, Spiritual, Financial and Professional. And, the most important piece was integrating all these into a whole that was customized to the client. This is still the foundation of how I serve my clients today.

While growing my business, I had the opportunity to take an in-house role as a Healthy Workplace Consultant for a period of time which allowed me to impact over 1000 employees and their families. During that time, as I was developing a comprehensive program based on “best practices”, I naturally did a fair bit of research. In the process, I was struck by some staggering statistics and I chose to investigate them further by interviewing medical doctors and mental health professionals.

Here’s what I learned:

  • The #1 reason people go to their doctor is because of…DEPRESSION.
  • The #1 prescription written is for…DEPRESSION.
  • The primary reason behind this depression is…WORK.

BAM!! To this last point, I had learned that, in fact, many people are simply removing themselves from the workplace because they find it too toxic for them to stay.

Besides the impact on the individuals and their families, think about the impact on our ECONOMY!

Another statistic: between 75% and 87% of people are disengaged in their work. What does that mean? It could be as blatant as taking excess sick days, to something less obvious – but at least as damaging – as frittering away the work day on social media! (#BellLetsTalk posts excluded) And a multitude of things in between.

The bottom line? A direct hit to the “Bottom Line”!

I could go on about this – in fact, I have a ‘soap box’ dedicated to this important topic – all about Prosperity THROUGH Our People! However, for now, I’ll focus on one point.

These startling statistics – and my passion for helping people THRIVE in and outside of work – caused me to refocus my business first on the aspect of WORK, and then integrate it with the rest of your life. Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, work is a big part of your life and takes a lot of your time and ‘life energy’. My goal is to help my clients bring their ’A-Game’ to work every day – AND back home again. Everybody wins!

It’s time to choose.

If YOU – or someone you know – or your team – are not thriving at work, there are options. We are fortunate to live in a society where we have CHOICE…and with Choice comes Responsibility!

Yes, we need to make a living, we need to work. And, yes, work is actually GOOD for you. However, you can – and, in my opinion, owe it to yourself to – find the meaning in your work OR find work with meaning.


Because your Work impacts your Life. And your Life impacts your Work. There is no way to truly separate them!

If you want to explore how you can SUCCEED in your Work and PROSPER in your Life – and achieve greater “Work-Life Integration”, I invite you to claim one of my complementary Prosperity Strategy Calls today. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!


If you are blessed enough to have a life and work you love, but know others who do not, PLEASE DO THEM A FAVOUR – pass this message on to them! You have NO IDEA the GIFT you may be giving to them!!

I would love to hear from you about the role of work in YOUR life and how you are doing in the pursuit of “Work-Life Integration”. Please leave a comment or reach out to me directly to start a conversation!

Gail Godreau is a Business Coach, Consultant and Speaker and owner of Lighthouse Wellness Strategies. She has an MBA and over 20 years of business experience including corporate roles in marketing, advertising, food service, and HR consulting plus over 6 years as an entrepreneur. Gail works with small business owners and professional women to help them bring their “A-game” to both work and life through greater “Work-Life Integration” (not balance) and to SUCCEED in their business and PROSPER in their life!

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