Our Clients

professional woman phone desk smiling laptopYou are an entrepreneur or small business owner who has taken the courageous LEAP of starting your own business. CONGRATULATIONS! However, you want a real return on the investment of your blood, sweat and tears. And you DESERVE it! You know that running your own business can be awesome – and it can suck! – and then it can be awesome again. And you are open to having support to help you spend less time in the ‘lows’ so you can better enjoy the ‘highs’.

Or you are a working professional who wants more out of life – to do more, have more and BE more. And you know that work matters! You want your work to be engaging, meaningful and to have an impact. You want to know that it makes a difference not just if you turn up at work but also how you show up. And you want your work to integrate with the life that surrounds it so it’s no longer an ‘either-or’ scenario but a ‘both-and’.

Or you are a leader in an organization (by title or by nature) who has significant business objectives to achieve but who also understands that people matter. Your gut tells you that your people are not your highest cost, they are truly your greatest asset – in fact, they are THE path to greater productivity, profitability and sustainability.

And you also know that the economy matters. You understand that creating greater engagement in work is not only good for the employees and for the organization’s bottom line, it is also good for the economy. And we need a stronger and sustainable economy!

Our clients generally fall into one of three categories – Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Career Professionals, and Teams.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

You work hard. And you’ve got the blood, sweat and tears to prove it! You want to own your business; but you do NOT want your business to own you.


Career Professionals

You take an active role in your career and your life. Rather than sit back and wait to see what happens, you want to “take the helm” and “chart your own course”.



You have an “intrapreneurial” mindset and want to explore how bringing an entrepreneurial approach in-house can help you achieve your goals and objectives within the organization.


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