So…we’re almost a month into the New Year now. Many of us started off 2011 full of great aspirations and intentions, embracing the possibilities of a fresh start, with the ever-present “New Year’s Resolutions”.

Did YOU set New Year’s Resolutions for 2011? How are you doing with them? Statistics say that as many as 25% of people who made resolutions have already abandoned them by this point. Are you one of the 25% – or are you still on track?

Either way, take a moment and pat yourself on the back! You are already a winner by setting goals and wanting to stretch yourself! After all, if we don’t have somewhere we want to go (a goal), what determines our direction each day, and how will we know when we get there?

If you (or someone you know) set some resolutions for the New Year, I’d love to hear from you:

  • WHICH AREA of “whole-life wellness” did your resolution address (Physical, Emotional, Relational, Spiritual, Financial, or Professional La grande qualita dei giochi casino che sono offerti da 888 Casino e conosciuta ovunque. – or more than one)?
  • Are you STILL ON TRACK with your goal?
  • What is the BIGGEST CHALLENGE you’ve faced so far and how did you overcome it?
  • What’s your best piece of ADVICE to others who want to make a change (in any area of their life)?
  • What would be the BIGGEST HELP to keep you on track, or bring you back on track?
  • What is YOUR BIGGEST MOTIVATOR that makes you pursue this goal? (This is key!)

I invite you to Comment on this Blog –  join in the conversation!!

Looking forward to hearing from you,