Happy Summer, my friend!

Listen. I get it. Summer in Nova Scotia is short! You want to make the most of it. (So do I!)

And yet…you have big goals and dreams! For your business or career. And for your life. You want things to be different – better – 3 months from now.

You think…

“If only I had MORE TIME!! Time to move forward on my professional goals.

AND my personal or family goals.

AND…I just want to get outside, soak up some sunshine,… have some FUN!

If only I could create more TIME!”


INTRODUCING My NEW Summer 8-Week Program:

“Walk & Talk Coaching”

In this NEW program, you can have the BEST of both worlds!

You get personalized, weekly 1-to-1 professional coaching to help you make the most of this summer (while others are snoozing under their patio umbrellas or feeling chained to their desk).

AND you get to move forward on your business / professional and personal goals while enjoying our beautiful Nova Scotia summer!

All while fitting in a power walk at the same time – so you can go to that BBQ after work instead of “having” to go to the gym!!

This is one way you can have more of what I call “work-life integration” – achieving your professional and personal goals, talking through challenges and resolving them far easier than on your own, getting exercise…and having FUN doing it!

Why choose between moving toward your dreams and enjoying the present? Do BOTH!

If this interests you, you can find out all about it here.

I can’t wait to serve & support you in this way, as we “Walk & Talk” toward your brighter future – in your business and your life!