Kidney disease is something that is very close to my heart – it”s what took my mother too soon and what affects many members of my family.

However, there is GREAT NEWS on the national front.

Living donor kidney registry now Canada-wide

In a story covered by CTV news this week, it was announced that the Living Donor Paired Exchange is now extending across the whole country – with Quebec joining recently. This is great news for people who know someone living with kidney disease and want to donate their healthy kidney to that loved one – assuming there”s a match. Check out the story at

Kidney recipient “got life back” thanks to swap program

In a related CTV casino online News story, we learned of another way to give this gift. For those people who want to donate but who are not a match to their loved one in need, there is the option to be a “non-directed donor”. This means that you donate to someone else in need and another non-directed donor can donate to your loved one when an appropriate match is found. This is a great example of “what goes around comes around”! CTV News introduced us to a couple who know this first-hand:

It”s easy to become a kidney (or other organ) donor. You can register your choice on your Health Card and – please – discuss your wishes with your family.

I am so grateful that someone I don”t know chose to become a kidney donor – it gave us and our mom extra time that we otherwise would not have had!

And research – including my Master”s Thesis – indicates that it brings comfort and a sense of meaning to the donor family as well!

What a fine example of doing what we can to bring enhanced wellness to those we know – and those we don”t!

Wishing you all abundant health & wellness!