I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. It’s about how I can help people – how I can help you! There are many things I’d love to share, many perspectives and possibilities – and these will come in due course.

First, I offer you a way of being – something I am drawn to and invite you to consider: SIMPLICITY.

I am endeavoring to SIMPLIFY…my life, my business, my ‘stuff’.

‘Exhibit A’? This blog. It’ll be brief, and there’s no image. Yes, I understand the power of visuals – and may use them in some of my posts. However, I also know that simplifying, for me, means not delaying a blog post because I have to source the ‘right’ image, create a blog ‘feature image’, add some catchy messaging, etc. All that does is pull me into the technology ‘rabbit hole’ and delay me sharing my insights and assistance with you.

Second, an invitation – or, perhaps, a challenge: Don’t let this year be the same as last year! Unless, of course, last year was all you ever wanted. Then again, who says it can’t be even better this year?!

Those who know me well know I don’t believe in “New Year’s Resolutions“. Definitely, I believe in creating a new vision for your life and work, creating action plans to achieve them, etc. But this is something I do – and encourage you to do – all year long, and often. This is not a ‘once and done’ activity. And it most definitely is not something you set on January 1, fall off of by mid-February, and wait for the next year to try again. Life is iterative. Set a course, head out and, if you get lost in the fog or go off course – or decide on a different direction altogether – reset your compass and go again…now.

If you are in the practice of setting New Year’s Resolutions, perhaps this year, instead, you may want to set a Vision, an Intention, Action Plans to create more of what you want – what lights you up, creates impact, brings value to others.

And, if you found yourself settling last year – in your career, relationships, self-actualization, etc. – let this be the year that stops! Let this be the year you step into the ‘arena’ of your life (see Brene Brown’s amazing work for more on this), stand strong, and assertively reach out for and claim the life and work you deserve!

If not, I suspect this time next year you’ll be facing the same disappointments, experiencing the same regrets, and setting the same New Year’s Resolutions.

My offer to you: If I can be of assistance in helping you design and create the life and work that brings you joy, meaning and fulfillment, please contact me for a complimentary consultation. It’s that simple.

Wishing you an abundant 2019 and looking forward to growing together,

Signature - Gail