Client Testimonials

In their own words...
    Gail helped me to dream a bigger dream for myself and most importantly, she helped me to execute on that dream and bring it to life. I accomplished much more in three months with Gail’s coaching than I ever would have done on my own. She encouraged me to take action on my business and gave me specific recommendations on what to do each week. With her support, I cultivated a positive mindset and was able to remove the barriers that I put in my own way. Gail is an absolute pleasure to work with and I looked forward to the weekly call. I would definitely recommend her as a Coach to any business owner or professional who is looking to grow their business in quantum leaps!
Rosanne Burke

Certified Dementia Trainer | Sales and Marketing Consultant

    Recently, I was fortunate enough to hear Gail speak at a local networking event for business women. I was intrigued with Gail’s message regarding work-life integration and the engagement of employees at all levels. She spoke eloquently and passionately as she described how she helps employers and their employees prosper by helping them understand “the why” behind the need to elevate the work-life experience. Gail exuded in her ability to engage her audience, share her knowledge by making her message personable, and maintain her professionalism. I would highly recommend Gail as a coach, consultant or speaker.
Sandra Currie-Samson

Adult Educator, Course Creator, Speaker

    I recently had my first coaching call with Gail and found it extremely helpful. She asks good questions and expertly steers the conversation into productive territory. As someone who needs to talk in order to think things through, it was great to have Gail’s compassionate but firm guidance to start working through issues about work-life integration and where I want my business – and life – to go in the future.
Erin Elaine Casey

Writer. Editor. Writing coach.

Gail engages her audience immediately. She inspires them to be open to new ideas. She gives them the tools to see the bigger picture … and not be afraid. Gail gave me confidence in areas where I was faltering and I will always be grateful.

Mary Jane Copps (The Phone Lady)

Powerful Phone Skills for Salespeople, Entrepreneurs, Fundraisers, Customer Service Representatives

Are you guilty of bringing “Chemical Soup” home or even to the office; find out how to combat this dilemma.  We are pulled like Gummy Bears in too many directions.  However, there is a solution, why not try a coaching session with Gail Godreau.  She just may have a support system that will work for you.  I recommend her highly.

Elaine Moore

President-elect, International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), Halifax-Dartmouth Chapter

Gail Godreau spoke at our atlantic Footcare Nurses’ Conference in October and the audience found her to be a great presenter as she kicked off the day!  In particular, her focus on “whole-life wellness” gave participants lots of pearls to take home on health, self preservation, and life, like: a number of practical strategies on how to have more Wellness in ALL the parts of their lives.   We would whole-heartedly recommend Gail as a speaker at other large Conferences and events.

Sara Lee Whitman

LPN, Foot Care Nurse with the NS Foot Care Nurses Interest Group

Gail’s workshop on “Whole-Life Wellness” was very beneficial. I especially liked the Wellness Wheel and thinking about my action plan for better balance.

It has really stuck with me and was part of my decision on my recent job change.

Bill E.

Halifax, NS

Gail delivered a half-day “Whole-Life Wellness” Workshop for our team of managerial, technical and administrative staff. The response from staff was overwhelmingly positive.

In fact, a week later, people are still talking about Gail’s “Wellness Wheel” … people are still thinking about the session – you know it’s worked when that’s happening.  From a personal perspective I have pinned up the wheel in my office and there are things that I am actively working on and pieces that really resonated for me….

A number of our staff are eager to recommend Gail to colleagues and to learn how her workshops or presentations could benefit future events, as am I!

Elaine MacLeod

Controller, Emera Utility Services

I hope the evaluations you received were as positive as the comments I heard today at our weekly staff meeting.  Feedback was: introspective, informative, practical, positive, etc.  One staff said that she was impressed with your commitment to wellness.  Another said it brought things to the forefront that she had been ignoring.


I thought you would appreciate hearing these comments.  Thank you Gail for Friday…


Mary E. Pratt

Program Coordinator

    I had the opportunity to connect with Gail about the journey of life and how we struggle to fit all the things that need to get done into that day, that week, that life. Gail is deeply inspiring, totally grounded and has great advice on how to go forward in a complex world. She has a way that let’s you know she’s doing the work she is meant to do…she’s more than a life coach, she’s a guiding light.
Lisa Dobson

Export Development Executive

    When I discovered that a friend of mine was working with Gail in her coaching capacity, I realized I was envious. I wanted some of that too. And I’m so glad that I did. I love Gail’s style of coaching – it fits me perfectly! I come away from our sessions feeling so listened to. I am energized by the clarity I have for my next steps and I’m excited to implement them. We’ve developed an effective check-in system that works for our busy lives and keeps me focused on the results I’m looking for. When I think about my goals, I feel a tremendous sense of success already.
Diane Wooden

Human Resources Professional and Sparks Fly Nova Scotia Coordinator

Recently I attended a Wellness workshop facilitated by Gail Godreau.  I found the workshop very informative and relevant.  Gail appears to have a very good grasp on adult learning and instructional techniques, as was evident through the exercises we participated in and her use of varying questioning methods.  She also appears to be very knowledgeable in the subject matter, is a confident speaker and utilizes various forms of presentation media very competently.  As a trained facilitator myself, I found I was thoroughly engaged and not only would I certainly attend any other workshops held by Gail, but would not hesitate in recommending her services to others.

Rob Robichaud

Construction Safety Specialist

Most business owners know only too well the conflicting gravitational pull between dedication to family and dedication to company. A business owner herself, with her own allegiances to family, Gail Godreau brought the perfect balance of objectivity, empathy and business savvy to our meetings as my business coach. I valued and benefitted from Gail’s insights into both my professional and personal life.

Sales Consultant

Halifax, NS

We invited Gail to speak to the staff of Sport Nova Scotia as well as around 30 of our members, the provincial sport organizations. Feedback was very strong and, although she only spoke for 20 minutes, she really made us think… I would say everyone walked away with some tangible tips on maintaining or achieving their own personal wellness.

Carolyn Townsend

Sport Nova Scotia

    When I first came across the idea of whole life wellness coaching, I was unsure what it was all about. When I met Gail that all changed, and our one-on-one sessions allowed me to realize how interconnected all aspects of my life are. I now get more done, make it a priority to do things that give me energy, and I have less stress. I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before now!
Rebecca Clarke

Owner, Rebecca Clarke Emotive Photographer

Gail’s wealth of knowledge, experience and true passion for her work showed in the delivery of her presentation on “Whole-Life Wellness”. Her warm and personable approach made it easy for participants to grasp the information being provided. Participants were impressed by the presentation and I have received nothing but positive feedback from those who attended. I am sure everyone was able to take away something valuable and implement the information provided in both their personal and professional lives. It was a pleasure for Gail to speak with our employees. I recommend this presentation for anyone who is looking to improve health and wellness in their personal lives and/or organizations.

Christine Matheson

Associate Director of Human Resources, Facilities Management

Gail’s passionate approach to “Whole life Wellness” really grabbed the attention of our employees who attended her presentation. Most people think only of the physical and dietary components of Wellness programs. Gail introduced them to the other aspects of Wellness and you could see them thinking about how it related to their own lives. Gail was able to keep their attention and was successful at initiating participation and questions from the audience. I feel that the presentation was a success and would recommend her to anyone that wants to introduce a Wellness strategy in their business.

Darrell Boutilier

Director of Operations, Facilities Management

    I hired Gail to be my life coach and she was incredible at her work. She was thoughtful, did her homework and very encouraging and always welcoming. She helped me to see the big picture, think outside the usual and create doable goals. I highly recommend her career coaching service.
Karen Lorraine

Artistic Counselling Interventions/Solutions & Strategies