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You love being part of a team. But you also have an independent streak. You want to have a say in your work and bring your leadership skills to bear. You take an active role in your career and your life. Rather than sit back and wait to see what happens, you want to “take the helm” and “chart your own course”. You manage your career rather than simply letting it happen – because you know that “if it’s to be, it’s up to me”.

No one is as interested in your career – and your life – as you are. You have to take charge and create it according to your own goals and dreams.

You bring your “A-game” to work and are fully engaged. That said, you also have your eye on the bigger picture and where you want your journey to go next.

You are proactive in both your career and your life, choosing to cultivate what is most important to you.

And you are not afraid to ask for help, because you know that is a hallmark of success – accessing the supports that can help you get what you want faster, easier and with more fun!

I would love to serve as that support, helping you “live a life by design, not by default”. Contact me today to schedule your complimentary “Work-Life Integration” and Prosperity Strategy Call to explore how I can help you succeed in your career AND prosper in your life!

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