You’ve no doubt seen the ads – it’s Back to School time!! You may even have the Staples jingle stuck in your head: “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” And the gleeful parent saying “they’re going BAAAACK!”

Whether you have children in school or not, this applies to you too.

September is ‘Business New Year’!

It’s when we re-group, re-focus and re-commit to our goals – both business and personal.

However, there can be a downside: just like with calendar New Year, we can be sluggish getting moving.

Perhaps you have a ‘summer hang-over’?

  • Too many barbecues or pool parties?
  • Too many late nights and slow mornings?
  • Too little structure?

Not to worry – all is not lost. It’s not too late to ‘shake off the sand’ (I know – I love summer too!) and hit the ground running. But only if you’re intentional about it.

“Why does this matter?”, you may ask. “What’s the rush?”

It matters because of three very important things:

  • THE most productive – and profitable – months for most businesses are between September and December.
  • The ‘seeds’ you plant now will take about 90 days before you can ‘harvest’. 3 months!
  • Those who know this and have been paying attention are about to harvest their ‘early crop’ – from seeds they planted in June, July and August.

This does not mean throw in the beach towel. It means it’s time to double-down and focus – and to pay attention to your ‘lowest hanging fruit’ – the opportunities you can seize in the near term even as you continue to plant seeds for later this fall and early in 2019.

This is NOT a time to dilly-dally. If you’re:

  • Not sure what steps to take
  • Overwhelmed by all the possible courses of action and what to do first
  • Need to figure out how you can grow your business or career and still take care of all your personal responsibilities…

REACH OUT for help. These are exactly the types of things I help my clients with all the time (and it’s the same thing I have to manage in my own life) so, if I can be of service, please don’t hesitate to ask.

It’s part of what I call “work-life integration” (not balance) and I’d love to help you have more of itso you can succeed on your own terms!

Contact me today to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY “Work-Life Integration & Prosperity” Strategy Call. There’s no time to waste!

Personal Note: Meanwhile, I hope you take some personal time to rest, relax & revel in the last long weekend of summer 2018 – Happy Labour Day!!