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About Gail

I am Gail Godreau, Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Wellness Strategies. As a Professional Co-Active Coach, my gift is evoking powerful conversations that move you from where you are to where you want to be, with your active participation. I increase work-life engagement by helping working professionals identify or create more meaning and fulfillment in their work so they can bring their ‘A-game’ to work every day, and bring their whole self home again at the end of the day.


I work at the intersection of business and humanity – connecting the dots between business goals and the people that make those goals a reality.

Gail Godreau

How I got here

I understand your ambition. When I was in university, I wanted to be CEO of our large local telecom company. At some point, I realized that the ‘cost’ was too high so I shifted my goals. I am still grateful for that decision. However, I still have ambitions – they’re just multi-faceted, not singularly-focused.

I am still driven to success – but success on my own terms. It includes my business and economic prosperity, but it also includes other aspects of “prosperity”. It includes my family. And friendships. And self-care.

Having grown up in a family of seven people on a disability income, I place a high value on health and well-being! And on living for the present and building for the future – again, a “both-and”.

I have always promoted a blend of economic and human success. In fact, my thesis for my MBA was on organ donation (not your typical ‘widget’ project), partly because my mother was put on kidney dialysis when I was doing my undergrad degree, then had a kidney transplant while I was doing my masters – and I was there with her throughout the process.

In fact, my thesis was used as part of the support for organ donor signatures on our MSI Health Cards. It is still one of my proudest contributions to date. And, yes, I have signed my organ donor card and discussed it with my family. (Have you?)

Given these “real-world” experiences so young in my life, I feel like I grew up fast. And I forged my values and priorities pretty early in life. So, while I was (and am) career-driven, I was choosy about what I required from my work. Through a process of what I call “trial-and-learning”, I got to know what I wanted – and did not want – in my work. It afforded me an interesting mix of professional opportunities over approximately 20 years, at which time I struck out on my own and founded my own business – Lighthouse Wellness Strategies.

I have an MBA and over 25 years of business experience – some in the corporate world and nearly seven as an entrepreneur. I understand the importance of creating thriving organizations and believe that we need whole, resourced and engaged employees to bring the innovation, creativity and energy that’s needed to compete in our modern globalized marketplace.

This is not just theory. There are a number of organizations who take this approach and not only survive but THRIVE as a result. Let me help you be among them. My passion is to work with visionary working professionals, leaders and organizations to  help create an upward spiral of 3E Prosperity!

Gail Godreau

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About Lighthouse Wellness Strategies

Lighthouse began as a Coaching business focused on Wellness. It was based on a “whole-life” model, which had two meanings:

  • Multiple facets of your life (physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, financial and professional wellness – and the integration of these facets), and
  • Throughout the various stages of your life.

I quickly added on Consulting and Speaking as a way to reach and impact more people – and to have a viable business (just being honest).


Over time, and with much research and conversation with more seasoned business professionals and researchers, I chose to pivot my business to focus, first and foremost, on the aspect of WORK, then integrating work with the other areas of your life. Why? Because of a few key findings:

  • 75-87% of people are disengaged in their work – that’s HUGE!!! (And I’ve seen it first-hand.)
  • The #1 reason people go to the doctor – depression
  • The #1 reason for prescriptions to be written – depression
  • The primary reason behind the high incidents of depression – work

In addition, my business background and my passion for growing the economy led me to create the following concept.

3E Prosperity GRAPHIC - Feb 2017

When Employees are prospering, Employers (the organizations where they invest their efforts) can prosper and, therefore, the Economy can prosper. And a prospering Economy, in turn, allows Employees to prosper. It creates an “upward spiral of prosperity”.

There is no shortcut; you cannot remove one player and have the equation work.

I have an MBA and understand that, often, the biggest “line item” on an organization’s Income Statement is their staff, as an “expense”. My perspective is that, while they may be a “cost”, they are not an “expense” to be minimized; instead, they are an “asset” to be leveraged. (Note that leveraging is not at all the same as exploiting.)

In fact, leveraging our human assets is arguably the only competitive advantage organizations have left in this high-tech, rapidly-changing global economy. (At least, this is true if your organization relies on human input and application of knowledge; if yours is mostly automated, that’s not my wheel-house.)

I work with individuals to help them “manage the business” of their work and life, and leverage their time and energy through greater “Work-Life Integration”.

And I work with progressive organizations who want to engage their teams differently – by valuing the people first and facilitating their best contributions to the organization’s goals.

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