Helping Small Business Owners & Career Professionals SUCCEED in their Work and PROSPER in their Life!

The Result: Greater "Work-Life Integration" & Prosperity On Your Own Terms!

Work Matters

You know that work is important. Not just because of its inherent value including promoting relationships and a sense of belonging (which is a key determinant of health) but also because of the financial necessity of work.


Life Matters


But, while you know that work is important and can be a very enjoyable part of adult life, you also know that work isn’t everything! you have other aspects of your life that are equally important – actually, sometimes more important than work, other times less so.

Finally, you also understand that you cannot separate work and life. Particularly in our modern 24 / 7 / 365 world, this is no longer an option (if it ever was). That is why people continue to struggle in their search for Work-Life Balance.


Prosperity Matters


You have a broad definition of “prosperity” – it is not ALL about money, but it does INCLUDE money. Why? Because most of the things that are so important to you – your family, your health, your community, the experiences you want to provide for your children – require a certain standard of living. And, because of the contributions you can and do make, you welcome the exchange of ‘currency’ for the value you provide. Note that the root of the word ‘currency’ is ‘current’ – money is simply another form of energy and is intended to flow, not be blocked or stagnant.


Work-Life Balance doesn’t exist! Instead, seek greater “Work-Life Integration”


At Lighthouse Wellness Strategies, we help our clients find greater “Work-Life Integration”. It is about the give and take, the ebb and flow between these two aspects of our lives.

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I am Gail Godreau, Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Wellness Strategies. I am a Professional Coach, Consultant and Speaker bent on helping you SUCCEED in your Work AND PROSPER in your Life!

I do this through the lens of what I call “Work-Life INTEGRATION” (NOT Balance), helping you bring your ‘A-Game’ to BOTH your work AND your life. To me, it is not an ‘either-or’ but a ‘both-and’ and is driven completely by YOUR definition of “PROSPERITY”.

What makes me qualified to do this? I bring to bear my MBA, approximately 20 years in the corporate world and nearly 7 years as an entrepreneur (well, in fact, I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember – since my early teens at least!), as well as an insatiable thirst for learning and developing.

I work at the intersection of business and humanity – connecting the dots between business goals and the people that make those goals a reality.

At Lighthouse Wellness Strategies, we help create “3E Prosperity™”: Employee, Employer, Economy through higher Work-Life Engagement.

3E Prosperity GRAPHIC - Feb 2017

The result: an upward spiral of shared prosperity.



We help employees prosper THROUGH their work (not in spite of it) and integrate that with the life that surrounds it.




We help employers prosper THROUGH their people, with greater engagement, productivity, and profitability.



We help create a more sustainable and thriving economy through stronger organizations and a more engaged and invested workforce.


Our services are always customized to the clients we serve. Generally, they consist of the following three services, sometimes in combination.

If you aren’t sure if our services meet your needs, please reach out and ask. There is no obligation but you may just find exactly what you need to help move you and your biz / career and life closer to the prosperity you crave.


Working with individuals and small groups over time to create significant and sustained transformation, led by the client and guided by the Coach, to help you achieve more meaningful goals sooner.


Working with organizations to create an environment that facilitates greater employee engagement (at all levels) so they can better leverage their human assets as a means to greater productivity and profitability.


Providing workshops, seminars and presentations to organizations and associations to provide new perspectives, inspiration and thought leadership all in service up elevating the work-life experience.

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