You’ve no doubt been talking with someone and, all of a sudden, “Squirrel!”

They (or you) were distracted. Something else has caught your attention. Taken you away from the conversation – or task – at hand.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me today. Literally!

I was busy working away on my business when I became aware of this sound. Like…scurry, scurry, scurry…silence…small thud. Scurry, scurry, scurry…silence…small thud. And it repeated over and over again.

As a diligent business person, I stayed focused on my work…until I wasn’t. This had broken my concentration and I decided to investigate. And you won’t believe what it was!

“Squirrel!” For real!

There was a squirrel picking up bird feed off the ground (dropped from the feeder) in front of my house, scurrying up the veranda post, sitting on top to eat it, then half-climbing-half-falling down onto the veranda and starting the cycle over again. Over and over and over.

What does this have to do with business?

Well, aside from the obvious ‘squirrel!’ joke (yes, I get the irony!), I see another interesting lesson.

I often think about how the squirrels, and the birds, work so hard to get a grain of food, and spend probably as much energy to get the food as they get from the food. So, it’s a zero-sum game (calories expended = calories consumed).

It reminds me of how hard some people work in their business just to get by, just to ‘feed themselves’ (and their family).

They scurry and scamper to get a morsel, but spend so much ‘energy’ (or time or money) to get that result that they don’t get ahead.

But, friends, there is good news!

You are in business (or, at a minimum, the business of life)! And you’re a human, with an evolved brain.

You have the ability to create “economies of scale” – that’s just a fancy business term for getting more results out than the effort you put in. So, for every ‘seed’ you spend, you get a greater number of ‘seeds’ back.

So, you have the potential. But are you realizing that potential? Are you getting a good “return on investment” for the efforts you are putting in – whether in your work or your life? If not, I encourage you to consider how you can leverage your time, energy and efforts to not only ‘get your seed back’ but reap a much greater harvest!

And, if I can be of assistance, please reach out – I’d love to help you multiply the rewards of your efforts!