We know that our lives are not one-dimensional and that “whole-life” wellness requires us to pay attention to how the pieces of our lives are integrated and affect one another.

Here you will find posts related to one or more of the segments of the “Whole-Life” Wellness Wheel –

  • Emotional Wellness – knowing how our emotions may be controlling us and how we can turn that around to us using our emotions to achieve our goals
  • Financial Wellness – exploring the impact of financial realism on our total wellness – whether we are an individual or an organization
  • Physical Wellness (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity) – how to use nutrition and physical activity to support our bodies and allow us to achieve wellness in the other aspects of our lives
  • Professional Wellness – how our work is supporting the rest of our lives (far more than “work-life balance”!)
  • Relational Wellness (Friends and Family) – how our relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and ourselves impact the “big picture”
  • Spiritual Wellness – identifying what makes us “tick”, what feeds our soul, what gets us “jazzed”!

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Tired of Falling Short of Your Goals? Not This Time! - January 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • What Can You DARE to DREAM for 2013?
  • “Resolutions Revitalization” Lunch & Learn – January 31
  • INTRODUCING Group Coaching for “Whole-Life Wellness”…sign up NOW!
  • Attention Businesses: Invest in Your Human Assets to Make Your Profits GROW!

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Holiday Stress Busting and the PERFECT Gift for HER! - December 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • Season’s Greetings to You and Yours!
  • “Holiday Stress Busters” Personal Coaching Session!
  • Give Her What She REALLY Wants! 3 Holiday Gift Options to Choose From…all you have to do is add the tag!

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We’re about half-way through the Summer Olympics and I just have to say how much I’m LOVING it! Not just for the entertainment value, but for the INSPIRATION!! I mean, how can you NOT be inspired?!?

I admit, I have a bit of a ‘competitive’ streak in me (used to play badminton and volleyball in high school and university and LOVED it!) but, the type of inspiration I’m talking about here goes beyond athletics. In fact, I’d argue that the lessons we’re seeing demonstrated in the games apply to ALL areas of our lives.

Physical – to state the obvious, these athletes are in peak form, and they exercise, eat and drink to ensure they stay that way

Mental/Emotional – what incredible mental STRENGTH is required to do what they do, and to bring their best game at just the right time (whether it be pacing themselves for the final match or the final 500 metres!)

Spiritual – I don’t think there can be any doubt that these champions are doing what they LOVE to do, which is a huge part of their success

Relational – When asked about the keys to their success, countless Olympians talk about their supportive parents, spouses, key coaches and mentors who have had a lasting impact on them

Financial – There is an expression: “If you do what you love, the money will follow!” I doubt this is what gets these troopers up at 4:00 a.m. day after day, but I’m so glad it turns out to be true. I mean, let’s face it, I don’t think Michael Phelps has to worry about where his retirement income will come from!

Professional – Last but not least, it is abundantly clear that top athletes treat their sport like their job – no, their CALLING! They go to ‘work’ every day, whether they feel like it or not, and they give it more than 100%.


Now, as a Wellness Coach & Consultant, I’m not suggesting that you go to the extremes of elite athletes, but I do think we’d all be well-served to approach our work – and our lives – with the same Principles of Success as these athletes:

  • Condition our bodies for the task at hand – so if we sit at a desk, get up and move every little while, stretch, sit straight
  • Prepare our minds – feed our minds only that which takes us closer to our goal (no more negative gossip at the water cooler)
  • Determine what we REALLY love to do and are good at, then find a way to make that our work
  • Ensure those closest to us know what we’re working towards and are ‘on board’
  • Figure out how to monetize our passion, what we will use our money for, and how much is enough
  • Do what we love…and love what we do!

I encourage you to “treat yourself” so some of the lessons our premium athletes (from whatever nation) can teach us. And see how these lessons might apply to the various areas of your life.

I’d love to hear about what’s inspiring YOU! Please drop me a line at info@lighthousewellness.ca.

And, tell me, am I the ONLY one who finds this EXCITING?!?

Wishing you success in creating your own abundance,


Recently, I learned that a person very dear to me had passed away. It was a teacher from High School. Probably not what you were expecting,  right?

Well, he wasn’t just ANY teacher. He was my Grade 7 Social Studies teacher first, but I really connected with him in Grades 11 and 12 when I took German from him. He offered extra-credit classes at lunch time for those who were interested, simply for learning’s sake, and he did this for many years AFTER he had retired as a teacher. Talk about work ethic and caring about transferring knowledge!!

As you can imagine, the “market” for high school German studies in rural Nova Scotia was not very large. And this was in no way a “bird course” – in fact, it was one of the most demanding courses I’ve ever taken! So the class started out with about 5 students in Grade 11, and quickly dwindled to only 2 and stayed that way through Grade 12. You get to know each other pretty well in a group that size!

As I said, this was not just ANY teacher. I credit him – and my high school Guidance Counsellor – with making it possible for me to go online roulette to university. You see, being in a family of 7 living on a disability income (my Dad became disabled when he was only 28!), affording a university education was unlikely. However, my strong academic performance was rewarded when, somehow, I received a full scholarship to Dalhousie for my first year! I’m quite convinced these two gentlemen had something to do with this ‘good fortune’ – and there is no doubt that this changed the trajectory of my life!

In fact, he and I have kept in touch these 20 years since, exchanging Christmas Cards and personal notes each year. (I will miss that this coming Christmas!)

So, yesterday, I made the trek to the Annapolis Valley to attend this friend’s memorial service. As the online condolences and in-person comments indicated, my experience of this man was mirrored in countless others’ experiences – young and old alike. The depth and quality of his contribution cannot be quantified!

I share this with you for two reasons:

  • As my public “Thank You!” to Dr. WalterAusserleitner, my teacher and friend, and
  • To ask you this question: Who do YOU need to thank? Who has had a profound impact on your life? Do they know how they’ve affected you? If not, what might happen if you told them?

Too often, we wait until someone passes on before we share our stories of their impact in the world. This seems a good reminder to let them – and others – know how much they are valued.

The other thought that struck me at the memorial service was: Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an impact of this sort on others?!

It helped renew my vision for serving others in my own way, hoping that – when all is said and done – it will have been at least somewhat as meaningful as Walter’s impact has been on so many.

Thank you to those who impact our life journey so profoundly!

What Does The Tree Know?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

So, I’m getting ready to start my work day yesterday and I
look out the window at the trees in my back yard. And I think: how reliable
these trees are! They are so consistent and steadfast, and we can always count
on them to do what they do. Every year, around this time, their leaves come out
– “regular as rain”! They go through their growth phase, turn their beautiful
shades of red, green, yellow, and orange in the fall, then die off and fall to
the ground. The trees remain with us as sentinels throughout the Winter months,
then new leaves greet us in the Spring once again.

I marvel at how the trees know their ‘work’ and they ‘just
do it’! They don’t swing in the wind and say “Gee, I don’t know if I should
sprout my leaves….” They do what they do – reliably and consistently.

So, how does this apply to us and the work we do? What if
we could simply know what our work is, and then just do it? I shared this
question with a wise friend and wellness colleague and she reminded me that we
DO know what our work is, we just need to remember it! So true!

So, what is your ‘work’ – your purpose? What is the
contribution you are here to make? Do rierslot you know? Do you ‘remember’?

My friend and I talked about how simple life really is,
but that we humans tend to complicate it. Coming back to the tree analogy, we
bury our essence in the dead and composting leaves of seasons gone by. If we
were to clear away that debris and let it nourish us without smothering us,
what would be left? Our essence!

So, what I’m reminded of is that my work is to help people
like you – as an individual or part of an organization – to define your best
life. What exactly is “whole-life wellness” for YOU, and how can you create
that for yourself. By helping you create that for yourself, I am making my
contribution to people’s ongoing struggle for “work-life balance”!

I encourage you to pull back the ‘debris’ from your own
essence and see what remains. Simplify and ask yourself: What is my work? How
can I serve?

And I’d love to hear what you discover! If you’re having a
challenge excavating your essence, maybe I can help. Contact me for a free
consult and let’s see what we can discover together.

Does This Sound Like YOU?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Does This Sound Like YOU? – March 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • See You at the Tea Party!
  • Am I Talking to YOU?
  • Quick Nutrition Tip: “Food Rules” #2
  • StartUP Canada National Tour Launch – my perspective as an Entrepreneur and a Wellness
    Coach – benefits for Individuals AND Businesses!

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Are You Well At Heart?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Are You Well At Heart? - February 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • Happy Heart Month – and Valentine”s Day – Everyone!!
  • Ways to show more love to that Special Someone…YOU!
  • Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipe – YUM!
  • My Presentation and FREE online casinos Coaching at OptiMYz Live – and my Thanks!

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Join Me at OptiMYz Live in Halifax this Sunday – for FREE – January 2012 Special Edition! Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • 2 FREE Events – Join Us at OptiMYz Live Health Show in Halifax!
      • “Answers to Your Questions: playertatilah How Coaching Can Support Your Life” – Live Presentation
      • FREE “Laser Coaching” Sessions: 15 minutes to Greater Clarity!
      • Do You REALLY Want To Go? OptiMYz Live – FREE PASSES
  • Quick Tip: TIME CAN BE S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D!

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(This was my March 19, 2012 guest blog post as part of the StartUP Canada National Tour on Entrepreneurship which launched in Halifax, NS on March 19. To see this and more posts, visit http://www.startupcan.ca/category/spotlight/.)


I think we can agree that being an entrepreneur isn’t what you’d call “easy”! It takes passion, courage, perseverance, belief, supportive people around you (both personally and professionally), and an unwavering commitment to your VISION! Sure, we all slip on occasion, but we get back up and get back to the work at hand.

I am fueled by a passion for helping people create what I call “Whole-Life Wellness” based on the following beliefs:

  • You OWN your Wellness and are your own BEST advocate
  • You need to be PROACTIVE when it comes to your Health and Wellness
  • Each area of your life impacts all the others, so a WHOLE LIFE approach is needed
  • Atlantic Canada, and Nova Scotia specifically, has some concerning health statistics and We CAN Do Better!

When I launched my business as a Wellness Coach and Navigator at Lighthouse Wellness Strategies in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2009, I knew of a few other Coaches and only one other Wellness Coach. Since that time, we have begun pulling together the Coaching community in Atlantic Canada and have over forty members in Nova Scotia alone – how the landscape has changed already!

In my experience, trends in Health and Wellness tend to flow from West to East in Canada, so awareness and support of Coaching (and Wellness Coaching, specifically) has been gradually progressing eastward. So, while this field is fairly well-established in cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, it is fairly ‘new’ in Atlantic Canada.

Therefore, when I began my business, I realized my marketing challenge involved three levels of education:

  • What Coaching is
  • What Wellness Coaching is and how it benefits individuals and organizations
  • What makes me unique as a Wellness Coach – in other words, “Why Me?”

From my 20+ years of business experience in various industries, my business education, and my experience growing up with seven people living on a disability income due to chronic illnesses in my family, I’ve learned two key things:

  • Well PEOPLE do Better – more choices, more employment opportunities, less stress, better financial opportunities, etc.
  • Well ORGANIZATIONS do Better – less employee absenteeism and ‘presenteeism’, more engaged workforce, higher productivity, lower training costs, greater sustainability and competitiveness, etc.

My passion for promoting Wellness beginning in Atlantic Canada (then spreading to Western Canada and then internationally) applies to both individuals and organizations. Helping individuals provides a direct benefit to families, the community, local businesses, etc. Helping businesses directly benefits our economy which supports our infrastructure and again benefits communities, families, and the individual. It works both ways.

Businesses in Atlantic Canada are starting to realize that addressing Employee Health and Wellness is no longer a ‘nice thing to do’, it is a competitive necessity! With our aging population, increases in incidents of chronic disease, and a younger generation which places great value on balance and meaningful employment, those organizations that ‘get it’ and invest in the “Whole-Life Wellness” of their staff are reaping the benefits through an impressive ROI! The next wave of support needed is for benefits providers to cover Wellness Coaching as they do other health-supporting services.

Particularly with our escalating healthcare crisis, the need for new and innovative ways to address the health of our citizens and workforce continues to grow, and Wellness Coaching is positioned to be a significant part of the solution to this challenge!

While Wellness Coaching may be fairly new in Atlantic Canada, there is a strong and growing need for this service and entrepreneurs are well-positioned to respond quickly and innovatively in this emerging industry.


Gail Godreau is the owner of Lighthouse Wellness Strategies and provides 1-on-1 and Small-Group Coaching, Workshops, and Presentations. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Lighthouse Wellness Strategies can serve clients throughout Canada and internationally. Visit www.lighthousewellness.ca for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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Holiday Greetings – December 2011

Sunday, January 29th, 2012


Season’s Greetings and 5 Holiday Survival Tips from Lighthouse Wellness Strategies 
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Season’s Greetings…


from Lighthouse Wellness Strategies!

Wishing You The Best of the Holiday Season!

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

I am grateful for the opportunity to have shared in your Wellness Journey in some way during this past year. Whether I have worked with you as a valued client or colleague, or simply shared thoughts, insights, and Wellness Strategies with you through our newsletter and social media, I am grateful to have this connection with you and hope that it has brought you value in your quest for greater “Whole-Life Wellness”!

I wish you a Holiday Season filled with gratitude for what is most meaningful to you, and time spent sharing with those you hold most dear. May your New Year bring you abundant whole-life health and well-being! I look forward to reconnecting with you in 2012!

To YourWellness,

~ Gail

5 Holiday Survival Tips: Be REAL!

1. Physical  - Now is NOT the time to start an ambitious new diet or physical activity regimen. After all, you want to SUCCEED, right? Instead, aim to maintain during this schedule-out-the-window, calorie-and-fat-laden time of year. Make a commitment to yourself to grab opportunities for small activity breaks. Even a few 10-minute walks sprinkled between Holiday commitments can add up! As for the abundance of tempting treats (appetizers, main course, desserts!!) you may encounter, my advice is the same any time of year: “Be Strategic and Choose with Intention!” This does NOT mean skipping meals so you can have 3 desserts – it means ensuring you are still getting a variety of healthy foods (to fuel your body!) and THEN choosing the treats which you enjoy MOST, and then REALLY enjoying them! I call these choices “worthy calories”.

2. Relational - We need to realize that people are…well…people. So the same personalities, quirks, and challenges that exist the rest of the year are still likely there over the Holidays. In fact, they may be magnified. Prepare yourself for that. That strange uncle is still going to be strange, and that sibbling who likes to ‘push your buttons’ probably won’t change just because it’s the Holidays. And we tend to be in particularly close quarters this time of year, with family get-togethers, parties, etc. What can you do? Be REAL: manage your own expectations of the interactions, manage your contributions to them, and make space. Whether you’re the host or the guest, it is perfectly acceptable to take a break now and then, have a breather, and then rejoin the group. Chances are you’re not the only one who could use a bit of space, and all will benefit from it.

3. Emotional - When we think of the Holidays, we tend to think of the more joyous aspects of the season – and that’s great! However, it is wise to remember that this is an emotionally-charged time of year and that, for some, it can be very difficult. There are people around us who may be particularly vulnerable this time of year – perhaps they have no one to celebrate with, they may be grieving the loss of a loved one in the past year, they may be suffering financially and find the extra demands on their budget very stressful. In the spirit of the season, reaching out to these people can be rewarding for both the giver and the receiver. And even for those who are celebrating the joy of the season, crammed schedules, heightened expectations, compromised nutrition, etc. can still produce stress. Being aware of this, and paying attention to your own emotional wellness can help you move through the Holidays with greater ease.

4. Financial - It is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the season and get sucked into the vortex of ‘shop-til-you-drop’! But what are the implications of this? There are many but let’s just look at a few: (a) you’re exhausted from all the running around and waiting through line-ups, (b) the more ‘stuff’ that is brought into your home, the more there is to tidy, organize, dust, fix, etc. (unless you also purge older items to create space for the new ones), (c) you have likely spent more than you could really afford by using credit. In short, this simply defers the stress to the new year, when the bills become due. What’s the recommended strategy? Again, be REAL: focus on quality over quantity, spend within your means, and invest in the time spent together instead of trinkets and toys.

5. Everything in Moderation!To ‘wrap up’ these tips on “Whole-Life Wellness”, the overall strategy is simple: Everything in Moderation:

~ Gifts
~ Food/Drink
~ Inactivity/activity
~ Time commitments

The more “REAL” we can be during the Holidays, the more we set ourselves – and our families – up for success in the New Year!

Wishing you and yours a Holiday Season of Health, Happiness, and Gratitude, and a New Year filled with “Whole-Life” Abundance!

~ Gail



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