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About Gail

I am Gail Godreau, Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Wellness Strategies. As a Professional Co-Active Coach, my gift is evoking powerful conversations that move you from where you are to where you want to be, with your active participation. I increase work-life engagement by helping working professionals identify or create more meaning and fulfillment in their work so they can bring their ‘A-game’ to work every day, and bring their whole self home again at the end of the day.

I work at the intersection of business and humanity – connecting the dots between business goals and the people that make those goals a reality. I have an MBA and over 20 years of business experience – some in the corporate world and some as an entrepreneur. I understand the importance of creating thriving organizations and believe that we need whole, resourced and engaged employees to bring the innovation, creativity and energy that’s needed to compete in our modern globalized marketplace.

This is not just theory. There are a number of organizations who take this approach and not only survive but THRIVE as a result. Let me help you be among them. My passion is to work with visionary working professionals, leaders and organizations to  help create an upward spiral of 3E Prosperity!

Gail Godreau MBA, CCP

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About you

You are a working professional or entrepreneur who wants more out of life – to do more, have more and BE more. And you know that work matters! You want your work to be engaging, meaningful and to have an impact. You want to know that it makes a difference not just if you turn up at work but also how you show up. And you want your work to integrate with the life that surrounds it so it’s no longer an ‘either-or’ scenario but a ‘both-and’.

Or you are a leader in an organization (by title or by nature) who has significant business objectives to achieve but who also understands that people matter. Your gut tells you that your people are not your highest cost, they are truly your greatest asset – in fact, they are THE path to greater productivity, profitability and sustainability.

And you also know that the economy matters. You understand that creating greater engagement in work is not only good for the employees and for the organization’s bottom line, it is also good for the economy. And we need a stronger and sustainable economy!

A bit about us

At Lighthouse Wellness Strategies, we agree with you and we are here to help!

  • We help create “3E Prosperity: Employee, Employer, Economy” ™ through higher Work-Life Engagement.
  • Employee – helping employees prosper THROUGH their work (not in spite of it) and integrate that with the life that surrounds it
  • Employer – helping employers prosper THROUGH their people, with greater engagement, productivity, and profitability
  • Economy – helping create a more sustainable and thriving economy through stronger organizations and a more engaged and invested workforce

The result: an upward spiral of shared prosperity.


  • Coaching – working with individuals and small groups over time to create significant and sustained transformation, led by the client and guided by the Coach, to help you achieve more meaningful goals sooner
  • Consulting – working with organizations to create an environment that facilitates greater employee engagement (at all levels) so they can better leverage their human assets as a means to greater productivity and profitability
  • Speaking – providing workshops, seminars and presentations to organizations and associations to provide new perspectives, inspiration and thought leadership all in service up elevating the work-life experience

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